Reliable traffic capture in a portable package

ProfiSharks are portable traffic capture devices that provide quick packet-level insight anywhere they are deployed. With capture regardless of packet rate and high quality hardware timestamping, ProfiShark delivers high fidelity capture files, forming an ideal starting point for troubleshooting or network forensics. Designed for easy, non-intrusive traffic capture, ProfiShark offers a valuable improvement over less performant options, such as SPAN ports on a switch or direct capture on a laptop. They give reliable insight into the network, ensuring the quality of analysis, and optimizing workflow, without dropping any packets.

Connected via USB to a host PC or laptop, in-line or out-of-band traffic can be forwarded directly to packet analyzer software, like Wireshark, or stored to disk. To ensure optimum network protection, the monitored network is physically separated from the management interface. The capture control and hardware settings can be managed via the included ProfiShark Manager application.

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  • Last modified: September 27, 2022