Streamlined packet capture and analysis

It’s critical to keep your IT and cybersecurity team members on the same page when trying to solve a network or security issue. Network packet captures, or PCAPs, give you the best insight into these problems - but can be difficult to gather remotely, and tedious for your entire team to collaborate on and analyze. That’s why they usually end up as the last thing that network troubleshooters will try.

And even when capturing on location, you still need a way to gathering packet capture data for other other team members to access these PCAP files. If your teams can collaborate on data stored in a central location using their web browser, it drastically reduces the time it takes to resolve network problems or security threats and guarantees that data won’t be replicated or lost.

CloudShark and ProfiShark’s combined solution offers an effective way to quickly allow your troubleshooting teams to collaborate on solving network and security issues. By integrating their solutions, IT and cybersecurity teams now get the best of both worlds: Accurate line-rate traffic capture in a portable format with ProfiShark, and CloudShark, a centralized repository with elegant and advanced analysis tools, in a secure, self-hosted system.

ProfiShark is a revolutionary, pocket-sized, high-speed network TAP for generating network capture files, or PCAPs. When paired with CloudShark, field engineers can send those captures losslessly to your CloudShark central repository, where they can be tagged, sorted, searched, shared and analyzed.

To make make the integration as easy to use as possible, user can now capture directly to your CloudShark repository by setting up an HTTPS connection in the ProfiShark manager software. To guarantee lossless capture, files will first be captured to the disk of the host PC, and from there automatically uploaded to CloudShark. To streamline the analysis process, additional display filters can be set to save capture space and speed up analysis.

Besides display filters, CloudShark has extensive filtering capability to help you find things faster. You can filter on tags, file size, timestamps, and other captured metadata. Search on annotations and comments to see what analysis has been performed. In CloudShark you can control who has access to what information by assigning permissions on a per-file basis, organize captures by groups or even add accounts for clients for easy collaboration. Is possible to integrate with existing LDAP or ActiveDirectory user management.

  • Streamlined network capture and analysis workflow
  • Lossless, line-rate traffic capture with ProfiShark
  • Capture anywhere you want and access files centrally
  • Set display filters directly in the ProfiShark Manager
  • Keep your critical traffic secure in the centralized CloudShark Repository
  • Drag & drop capture files right into CloudShark
  • Tag your files in any way that makes sense for your organization
  • Control who has access to what information with CloudShark user management\

Web-based analysis of PCAP data for individuals, educators, and content creators.

  • Easy integration with ProfiShark
  • Immediate access to powerful tools and analysis capabilities
  • No need to manage a server or install any software
  • Access your captures from anywhere, on any device
  • Share captures with a wider audience or keep them secure for your own use

Provide a centralized PCAP repository for your entire team or organization.

  • Single place for captures from anywhere in your organization
  • Keep captures private and under your own administrative control
  • Control multiple users and groups and authenticate via AD/LDAP or SSO
  • Easy integration with your entire network monitoring and security infrastructure
  • Specialized analysis capabilities like SSL decryption and custom settings
  • CS Threat Assessment adds instant security analysis of your capture files

10M/100M/1G/10G traffic capture

  • Non-intrusive, fail-safe monitoring
  • Direct capture to disk via USB 3.0 without introducing a point of failure
  • Hardware aggregation and filtering options
  • Hardware timestamping. For optimum accuracy a “+” version of the ProfiShark includes GPS/PPS timestamping at wirespeed
  • Real-time statistics via ProfiShark Management Console
  • Last modified: September 27, 2022