The Administration > SNMP page can be used to control the device's SNMP (v1/v2c) settings.

The switch control at the top of the page can be used to enable or disable the SNMP agent running inside the device. The GUI also allows the definition of local SNMP communities to query the device agent. It is possible to download the necessary Profitap-specific MIB definitions using the Download MIBs button. Additionally, the device can register SNMP Traps sink servers. Once configured, these will receive Trap signals for one of the following events:

  • PSU Hardware state change;
  • FAN hardware state change;
  • Device Temperature reaching warning levels;
  • Device Temperature reaching critical levels;
  • Ports changing link state;
  • Ports detecting packets incoming with CRC error;
  • Last modified: March 2, 2023