First device access & network configuration

The first-time access to the system can only be done through the serial connection, using the supplied cable and adapters. Using any terminal software, use the following connection settings: 115200 baud rate, 8 bit, no parity, 1 bit stop.

Login, using the following credentials:

  • Username: profitap
  • Password: profitap

Follow the prompt to create an administrator account. After creating the new admin user, the session will close. The factory default user (profitap) remains active for direct connections to the unit's serial management port.

To reset the users database, run the following command:


After logging in with the newly created admin account, the Ethernet management port can be configured by running the following command:

Depending on user requirements, the IP can be set to either dynamic (DHCP) or static (custom IP). Follow the instructions to configure the preferred option.

After the configuration is complete, the system is accessible through the network via SSH and XX-Manager (web-based interface) at: https://<ip_addr>

XX-Series devices can also be connected directly to a computer through the Ethernet management port. In this case, manual IP policy must be applied to both the unit and the computer.

Note: If the computer network interface is limited to 10/100 Mbps, a special twisted pair cable must be used instead of a normal patch cable.

For security reasons, an SSL certificate is pre-installed. This certificate can be replaced with a new one via the following command (see command line reference for more information):

  • Last modified: April 21, 2023