End-to-end data center monitoring solution

There isn’t a day that goes by without hearing about ransomware attacks that lead to huge financial losses or reputation damages for the companies involved. One reason behind the increasing number of virtual attacks is the constantly evolving IT infrastructure, making it more difficult for security forensics teams to prevent and address cybersecurity issues.

Another reason is that most companies don’t quite understand the connection between security and visibility. When it comes to network visibility and security, implementing powerful network appliances is the safe and right move.

The joint solution of Flowmon and Profitap offers the most efficient end-to-end monitoring platform you can get for a high-speed data center network. It offers all the visibility you need to secure your network.

Flowmon provides high-performance flow-based network monitoring technology and behavior analytics tools that give your cybersecurity team a detailed overview of everything that passes through your network.

Profitap’s innovative data center Network TAPs and Packet Brokers complement Flowmon’s high-end technology by providing all the data that it needs to make a complete and accurate analysis. Using this data, network admins are able to monitor what’s happening over the network in real-time, choose what data will be analyzed so that they can better prevent and uncover potential threats crossing the network.

Flowmon and Profitap’s joint solution offers the most efficient end-to-end monitoring platform you can get for a high-speed data center network

Visibility, performance and security. All are deeply important for data center environments. Companies need the most advanced tools for securing their network and devices in an otherwise unsafe online world.

Profitap’s Network TAPs deliver greater visibility into your network by providing the necessary traffic to Flowmon’s security and monitoring tools. This way, Flowmon’s solution can analyze specific network traffic of interest and thus increasing performance of the monitoring solution while ensuring comprehensive network visibility and network security.

With the help of Profitap’s innovative Copper TAPs and modular Fiber Optic TAPs, these next generation solutions monitor all the traffic you put through them. After passing network Test Access Points, the monitored data is then filtered and aggregated in real time with the help of Profitap’s latest Network Packet Brokers and then send to a Flowmon Probe.

Flowmon’s Probe exports flow data and captures the network traffic for APM measurement. The data (flow or APM metrics) is then received by a Flowmon Collector. Flowmon Collectors are dedicated tools for acquisition, visualization, analysis and long-term storage of network statistics. Flowmon modules extend the functionality of Probe and Collector tools to enable the network behavior analysis, application performance monitoring or protection against volumetric DDoS attacks. These solutions combined give you a powerful platform for complete network visibility and threat mitigation.

The joint solution allows your network admins to know which users, devices, network or applications can bring possible threats and unwanted traffic.

  • Capture all network traffic in real-time with Network TAPs and then send only the important data to Flowmon in-depth analysis solutions with Profitap NPBs
  • Increase the security of your network with some of the most advanced tools on the market - Flowmon ADS for Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) and anomaly detection
  • Benefit from a leading Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) solution when analysing root causes of network issues
  • Easily identify network performance issues, security breaches and suspicious behavior
  • Use real-time traffic capture and customizable filters to forward the most relevant data in real-time while maintaining link layer visibility at all times
  • Get broad network visibility using extended flow data with application protocols information
  • Duplicate and deliver full-duplex traffic to the Flowmon monitoring tools at line rate, with no impact on the network link
  • Improved performance of all monitoring tools while ensuring analysis of the network traffic that matters
  • Last modified: September 27, 2022