Complete network visibility for real-time detection and response

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Along with technological evolution comes the sophistication of cybercrime, which continuously develops new attacks types, tools and techniques, allowing attackers to mitigate more complex network infrastructure whilst remaining untraceable. Therefore, incident detection and response must be a top priority.

A threat that goes unseen will go undefeated. Network visibility is crucial to protecting organizations from cyber-attacks. Without full traffic visibility, the security teams are limited in their ability to see the entire attack lifecycle, which in turn limits the understanding and context of what is really happening.

Balancing the need for visibility, detection and response with the cost and complexity of a security stack is never easy. As organizations struggle to find a solution in preventing cyber-attacks, Profitap and Vectra provide ways to overcome them.

Profitap and Vectra have joined forces to provide enterprises with comprehensive network visibility for real-time detection and analysis of active cyber attacks.

To get full access to what is going on network lines, a network TAP is required. Profitap’s innovative Network TAPs offer reliable access to data without introducing points of failure. In addition, Profitap’s Network TAPs also provide fail-safe access to the network. This ensures uninterrupted network operation in all cases, also when the power is lost.

With Profitap’s X2-Series Network Packet Brokers, traffic is then filtered and aggregated from all the network access points before being forwarded to the Cognito platform for real-time threat analysis. The X2-Series Network Packet Brokers provide intelligent filtering as well as packet deduplication.

Additionally, Profitap’s network visibility solutions complement Vectra’s high-end technology by providing all the data that it needs to make a complete and accurate analysis. Using this data, network engineers can monitor what is happening over the network in real-time, choose what data will be analyzed, thus they can better prevent and uncover potential threats crossing the network.

The Cognito Network Detection and Response platform uses AI-derived machine learning algorithms to enrich and analyze metadata from network traffic, relevant logs and cloud events. This way, the Cognito NDR pplatform automatically detects, prioritizes and responds to in-progress attack behaviors that pose the highest business risk – inside cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks.

By automating manual and mundane Tier-1 and Tier-2 security tasks, the Cognito NDR platform significantly reduces the workload in security operations centers, giving analysts more time to investigate incidents and hunt for threats. With detailed context about each attack, security teams are empowered to perform more conclusive incident investigations and faster assisted threat hunting. The information you need to stop an attack is always at your fingertips.

The combined techniques and integration of Vectra and Profitap provide robust security at scale. Data privacy is assured because the Cognito NDR platform only analyzes metadata from packets – not the payload.

  • Last modified: September 27, 2022