IOTA System Setup

1. Connect to the IOTA via RJ-45 Management Port.

  • Default IP is (port 3000)
  • Login with default user/pwd admin/admin
  • IOTA Settings / Network Configuration
    • Set Static IP info and apply, f you know what it’s going to be, otherwise leave DHCP.
    • Reconnect with new Static IP.

 Profitap IOTA network configuration

2. IOTA Settings / Time Settings (before starting capture session)

  • Set Date and Time and Time Zone.
  • Set NTP servers.
  • NOTE: If you move the IOTA to a different Time Zone, be sure to change your Time Zone information. We suggest clearing your indexes and pcaps and starting fresh when going to a new time zone, or understand how this can affect your analysis of packets created in different time zones.

 Profitap IOTA time settings

  • Last modified: August 23, 2021